Ammonia (poor little sparrow): Raspberry Buns


The internet, should you ask it, will give you carloads of raspberry bun recipes. There’s one here or here or even here. But to my mind, where modern cake-bakers and recipe-writers fall down is in their hidebound insistence on ingredients you might actually be able to find, instructions you can understand, and an end product you might want to eat. Where’s the fun in that? So go ahead, would-be raspberry bun chef, fly to the arms of those recipes. Go now, I won’t mind. I understand that not all of you are cut out to attempt ‘making a bay’ or are ready to have the veil lifted on the mysterious VOL, or perhaps you will never want to know why this week’s baking recalled ‘cleaning out the sheds at the turkey farm’ to the mind of my husband.

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Child’s play: Cocoa nut Buns


Readers of a similar age to me from the United Kingdom will remember that school holidays used to mean Why Don’t You, a programme that was supposedly run and scripted by children with helpful items about how you could do better things with your free days than sitting in front of the telly. This was a lie, by the way, if you were in Blackpool, where there was a vandalised playground and locked up trampolines half-a-mile away, and on telly there was Battle of the Planets. Telly won. Readers of a similar temperament to me may recall that the whole thing just made you depressed on behalf of the kids who were presenting and bored and itchy.

I seem to recall that the cookery sections went heavy on items that included desiccated coconut. DC also featured strongly in my Swap Shop and Blue Peter books. It was a simpler age, before we all went mad for red velvet cakes or cake-pops or whatever the proper baking bloggers are doing at the moment. Possibly for these nostalgic reasons, and possibly because you are not going to find a baking recipe easier than the one I’m about to give you, this week’s Coconut Buns strike me as a perfect quick project for baking with children, as long as you possess a food processor. I do have a food processor, but I don’t have children, so you may take my advice with a pinch of salt. The resulting buns are crisp on top, not quite as moist as a coconut macaroon – a bit more cakey – and a very pleasing small snack, even if you do feel like you’re eating the results of your last Home Ec (sorry, Domestic Science) lesson.

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