Ahem…a-HEM…sorry, clearing my throat


So this place is still here, eh? Look, there’s the comment box I used to type in…looks like the new people have changed it a bit though.

So I have many reasons and excuses why I haven’t been here for more than a year. Perhaps you’ll find it a welcome change to know that busy-ness was not in the least one of them.  I have not at all been busy.

Except, in another way, I have – as is usual for any given 13 months of my life many enthusiasms and fads and obsessions have swept through. Sometimes I felt like writing about them. Sometimes something really annoyed me, and I had thoughts longer than 140 characters about it, and I thought I should put them down somewhere. And I didn’t, in either case, because I had an old blog that was generally about baking, and another that was about gardening, and I didn’t think that those thoughts would fit in either place. Madly, when I did write two things, shortly after coming back from Hong Kong (about the place in general, and about its language) I sort of hid them away.

I’m going to turn forty very soon … no, wait, where are you going? This isn’t going to be another post where you suspect that the writer talks about the joys of being middle-aged in an attempt to persuade herself, I promise.  What I mean to say is:  I might as well come to terms, in my advanced age, with who I am. And who I am can be described in two ways, depending on how forgiving I am being of myself.  Either I have a curious mind, or I’m an Olympic-standard dilettante, your choice.

So I know that most blogs have a theme, I know that generalist blogs are mostly pointless, I know that actually, pretty much all the blogs I read myself are about a thing.  But if I’m honest, I find it very difficult to be about a thing. So as an experiment, to see if I can bring myself back here more often, from now on I give myself licence to talk about whatever I like.

I haven’t given up on the Mary Bradley Project, in fact my next post will be about something from Mary’s notebook. But I do feel like it might be better if I allowed myself to talk about stuff that isn’t baking, given after all that I rarely bake.

It’s the time of year when the snowdrops begin to stir, the days are appreciably longer and I find that though I hadn’t previously noticed I was apathetic about absolutely everything, I was, and now I’m overtaken by mad enthusiasms. So I’ll try to bring some of that over here.  Hope to see you more often in the future.


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