Lessines, Belgium – Bernd and Hilla Becher

Today’s post is the fourth in my fortnight of postcard posts, where I draw a card at random from my big box of them and try to say what I think about it. Here’s the rest of them.

You really want a wall of the Bechers – the way I’ve always seen their work presented in galleries – rather than one small postcard but you take what you can get. How strange that anyone would put these weird concrete flourishes on a water tower, the Norman arches and the narrowing stripes on the head: from this angle I can’t tell quite whether they line up with the neck stripes. I’m not sure that I would feel too much affection for this building if it was down the road from me, but I like the picture. I entirely understand how I came to buy this postcard, but I don’t really understand what I think or feel about this, or not in a way I can put into words. Perhaps I’m looking for a profundity that isn’t there. Perhaps the sum of my honest reaction is ‘huh, look at that.’

Of course the, erm, creativity of 20th century Belgian architecture has been internet famous for a while, as a look at Ugly Belgian Houses will tell you.


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