November 2013:

As you might have gathered, my name is Nikki Coates.  I live in Charlton, South East London and right now this blog is mostly preoccupied with trying to recreate the recipes that my great-great aunt used in her bakery in Oldham at the beginning of the 20th Century.  There’s a post about how that all started and what it means here if you’re interested.  I would not like you to come away with the idea that I am any kind of baking expert.

I’m, ahem, between jobs at the moment; I spend a lot of time on Twitter, have occasional binges on Flickr, am trying to get a Friends group set up for my local swimming pool (and think it’s important that the pool keeps its name), am dipping my toe into contributing for Charlton’s local blog and have been helping out the No to Silvertown Tunnel campaign.   When the spirit moves me I can be found commenting at MetaFilter, but that’s pretty rare.  Otherwise you can find me on LinkedIn and Facebook, but if I’m honest I do my level best to avoid both of those places; if you’d like to get in touch, leaving a comment here, finding me on Twitter or sending me a mail at nikki.coates [at] gmail.com are your best bets.

[because I’m still embarrassed about it after all these years, I’ll explain my Flickr user name:  it is not the elves and warlocks thing it sounds like.  I used to live in Azof St, Greenwich, which is named after the Sea of Azov]





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